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To ensure that every home is in harmony with its neighbors and its environment, and is maintained in accordance with Association guidelines the Inland Shores Architectural Review Committee (ARC) has established procedures for requesting approval to perform such work as changing structural exteriors and landscaping, including, but not limited to homes (remodeling and repainting - even the same color), outbuildings, patios, decks, awnings, paving, recreational equipment, pools, courts, fences, plantings, etc.

Please note: If work is performed without ARC approval, the Rule Infraction Committee will send the homeowner a violation notice. For a complete description of this process, please see Section G in the Rules, Regulations, and Requirements (RRRs) document, a link for which can be found on our website's home page.

Homeowners wishing to make significant property changes must describe those changes in an application to the ARC to ensure that they conform to the requirements of the CCRs, RRRs, and Design Guidelines documents. Complete application procedures can be found in the RRRs document.

You may contact the ARC using this form. (Please include your Inland Shores street address.)Architectural Review Committee (ARC)

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